WHY Does Your Toddler Break House Rules?

WHY Does Your Toddler Break House Rules?

Toddlers break the house rules quite often, and it’s especially difficult for toddlers to comprehend these rules. Having rules is important. Particularly rules that keep children safe. So, why does your kid break them?


They learn by experimenting, it’s truly their inner instinct to do things in a random way to understand them better. In other words; they do what we asked them not to do. Unfortunately, you can’t always let them experiment, with safety issues and socially unacceptable behaviors. That’s where setting limits come.

Very often we yell when they misbehave, and kids think that’s funny. It’s a game for them, because think it’s funny when you get angry and start talking to them in a higher pitch.

It certainly frustrating as adults when someone laughs while we’re angry. But, kids raise their pitch when they are excited and playful. They do know that mom yells when she’s angry, but a lot of times — especially when they are feeling playful, they think you’re yelling it’s because you are feeling playful too.

As a parent, you are very important to kids, and they want to be with you all the time. Yet, some other times; it’s their way to gain your attention. They know what pushes your buttons very well, they have lived their entire life with you!

If you tell them the WHY behind your instruction the first time, they are quicker to understand (but there’s no guarantee).When you are consistent with your expectations they realize mom is in-charge. And knowing this, it is actually more comforting to them, no matter how much it looks like they’re defiant and want things their way.

House Rules are difficult for kids, BUT only after they realize you are in charge and once they understand this they’re happy to work within the limits. Adjusting rules to reflect your family values and needs is wise. Knowing your child will test, push and probably break some of these rules is also wise.

How do you let your little ones know you are in charge?

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