What 13 Moms With Grown Kids Regret Most!

What 13 Moms With Grown Kids Regret Most!

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Dear mama reading this ~ I don’t know you. I don’t know how many kids you have, how old they are, what challenges your days bring. But I do know this. I know you are here because you don’t want to look back with regrets.

What would moms PAST MY STAGE say to me?
What would they fight the urge to shake me by the shoulders – Don’t you get it? This is it! Don’t make my mistakes!

What do you wish you’d done differently? Here are 13 Moms responses:

1. One thing I wish I would have done better? Don’t do things with or for your kids just because you feel pressure from them, your friends, the church or the school. If it doesn’t fit your budget, your lifestyle or your priorities, have the confidence to walk away and say no. ~T.

2. I know it seems silly, but I often regret not doing more with music with my children…piano, singing, having more instruments around… ~R

3. What I wish I would tell my younger self, when I was dealing with my oldest when he was 3-4 or so : “Hi me, I’m you from the future. The kids are GREAT! Not perfect! But loud, funny, sensitive, kind, loyal people that love the Lord, and who you would want for friends, even if they weren’t ours. So, take a breath. You don’t have to settle every detail…it gets EASIER the more you have! So lighten up, quit worrying, and go put on some music and dance. I can tell you that’s a great thing. You have the important thing – that you KNOW it’s about relationship. Go with that, you won’t be sorry. ~ L.

4. I wish I had been more consistent in my discipline.  I wish I had not raised my voice so often. ~E.

5. Honestly? I wish I had MADE them do more of the practical chores. The dishes, the laundry, stuff like that. They were so busy, I just felt bad making them…but I wish I had! ~L.

6. Be brave (or crazy) and take them out for more “field trips.” My boys were only 14 months apart, so taking them out by myself when they were small seemed rather daunting. Packing their necessities and controlling their behavior…too overwhelming, so most of our time was spent having fun…at home. However, now I feel like I might have missed out on some incredible adventures. ~C.

7. One thing I would do differently is that I would Do More!  I would go for more walks and visit more places and catch fireflies!  But truthfully? I just ran out of energy most days! ~C.

8. I wish I could tell my younger self to keep a running list of my blessings. ~C.

9. I wish had been more organized. Keeping a clean home, having meals planned, and having some ideas about how to run my home do make for a happier, less stressful home life. It took several years and babies to come to my senses and seek out information to help me enjoy my role…Fact is, I am still learning these skills. It is a good thing that one is never to old to learn new skills. ~J.

10. I’m so glad I didn’t have computers and phones to distract me. I actually got to live in the moment. I am so so thankful for that. ~C.

11. I am VERY glad I home schooled even if it was just for the first years. ~R.

12. Anytime we went on vacation, I made them personalized little travel boxes with special surprises. Not super-expensive, but unique to them. They still talk about them. And you know? I don’t regret a single vacation we took. We were not wealthy, but it was so worth every single trip! ~L.

13. I’m also glad I would randomly put on music and dance with them! Which then would evolve into games hide and seek, etc. Laughing and playing – the BEST for relationships!!!  ~L.



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