Quality Time With Your Kid - How Much?

Quality Time With Your Kid - How Much?
There is immense pressure on us as parents to spend as much time as possible with our kids and to have that time filled with amazing activities and quality time. What's interesting is, we’re spending twice the amount of time with our kids than the parents of 1975. And it’s driving a lot of parents to the breaking point. Working parents feel stressed and guilty for not having as much time with their kids, and stay at home parents are exhausted by the endless attempt to engage with kids all day. No one is winning.

But how much quality time do we need to actually be spending with our kids per day? And what if we could zero in on what they need, so we could drop all the extras, and reduce our stress as parents? Wouldn’t that be the dream?! Happy kids and happy parents!
My recommendation is 30 minutes. And to do it in a low-pressure, stress-free way. It may not seem like much, especially if you’ve been pressuring yourself to put in hours a day. But releasing yourself from that stress will make this time more enjoyable, and even more beneficial to your kiddo!

1. Break the 30 minutes of quality time up into chunks if you need. One way to do it would be to have 10 minutes in the morning, before work/daycare/school, 10 minutes after school/work, and 10 minutes at/after dinner.

2. Regular, daily family-life counts as quality time. If you’re engaging with your kid, on their level, grocery shopping, family dinner, even folding the laundry can count! Quality time can absolutely be found in mundane moments of life.

3. Build up to it. It can be hard to start any new routine, so if 30 minutes sounds like an immense amount of time that will put you over the edge, go ahead and start with 5 minutes! Just make the minutes count!

4. You can give more than 1 kid quality time at once! If you’re engaging with everyone, it all counts. Family game night with all 4 kids? Congrats, you rockstar, you’ve just provided ALL the kids quality time at once! In the playroom with two kiddos, simultaneously playing princess tea party and trucks?! You are knocking this out of the park! Kids are watching Netflix, while you’re in the same room, but on your phone? NOT quality time. But hey, we all need some down time, too.

What are some of the ways you spend quality time with your kiddos? Drop a comment below!👇
HOW MUCH QUALITY TIME DO KIDS NEED? http://alexandria-cooper.com/how-much-quality-time-kids/

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