Kids Sleep

Kids Sleep: 15 Hilarious Things Kids Have Said While Falling Asleep

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All kids fight sleep like it's nobodies business, and sometimes as parents we are lucky enough to catch some of the interesting things our kids say as they are falling into their trance like state. Here are 15 sayings from mom Ariel Rivera about her 4 year old.

  1. "Is the moon sleeping?"
  2. "The rain will be an ice cube in a minute."
  3. "I want to get a turtle, dye it, and eat it."
  4. "Mom, I'm going to make you into a bird so you can fly!" ("Oh really, are you?") "Maybe not. You can fly when you're dead."
  5. "Do bumble bees sting each other?"
  6. "Can we build our very own shrink ray to shrink Santa's sleigh and all the presents?" ("Well, we would have to invent one first, and that requires knowing a lot about science.") "I do know some science. I know how to do a somersault!"steve austin laughing GIF by WWE
  7. "Can I have my ukulele?" (We don't have one.)
  8. "Sometimes I wish I could poop in your bedroom."
  9. "I didn't tackle him."
  10. "Will you be tucking me and my college roommates in in the dorm and going on my college playdates?"
  11. "Don't make us eat the corn, the corn has gone bad!"
  12. "I remember when I was the daddy and you were the baby."
  13. "When I close my eyes, a wolf is going to walk into my mouth and then scramble out and climb into yours and down into your body and break your arm bone." (Then he laughed hysterically.)
  14. "Mama, when I was 2, God talked to me. He said, 'Layla, you are a great girl and you are doing good things. God has a long brown beard and blue eyes.'"
  15. "God spoke to me and said to drink lemonade for energy and to poop and pee on the potty."

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