Hilarious Tweets For Parents Who Both Love And Hate Kids’ Books

8 Hilarious Tweets For Parents Who Both Love And Hate Kids’ Books

Have a love-hate relationship with reading books to your kids??
We stumbled on this post from HuffPost with some of the absolutely hilarious tweets from parents with a love-hate with kids' books.
1. The batman trick
I'm at my most Batman when my son asks to read a book for the 10th time that day. 
As he turns around to find me, (POOF) I'm gone.
2. The children's book 
Writing a children's book called "Pick up All of These Fucking Children's Books."
3. What kids really means
Please read this book to me so I can interrupt you 50 times and make you explain every sentence. Also, I’ll need two potty breaks. -kids
4. 10,000 books read
I've actually read about 10,000 books in my lifetime if you include the books I just now read to my toddler before bed.
5. I thought we were friends?
I know you passively aggressively bought my kids a book that is too big to fit on any bookshelf. I just don't know what I did to deserve it.
6. Eww
Stickiest things in the world:
3) Lollipops
2) Glue
1) Children's library books
7. You'll be waiting for forever
Me: Pick out a book to read.
2yo: Hmmm.
[3 years later]
5yo: This one! This one! No, wait…
[still waiting]
8. Those tricks no longer work
The 5 y.o. learned to read; it's bittersweet. While seeing her master a skill is sweet, I'm bitter that she can now tell when I skip pages.
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15 Funny Tweets For Parents Who Both Love And Hate Kids’ Books
For all the parents who have had to read the same damn books over and over.
By Taylor Pittman

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