9 Sneaky Questions to Ask Kids about School - Part 2

9 Sneaky Questions to Ask Kids about School - Part 2

In the part 2 of 9 sneaky questions to ask your kids about school we'll look at what they learned for the day and school functions.

What you learned questions
Here’s where you can ask questions about what they learn throughout the day.

10. What’s the first thing you do when you get to school? or What’s the last thing you do before you end your day at school?
11. What book did you read at story time today?
12. Tell me the hardest thing you had to do in school today.
13. What are some of the rules you follow in school?

School functions questions
Some school days are more special than others. Kids will remember these off-days more than others. They’re good opportunities to get kids talking while they’re excited.

14. Where at school did you take your photos for school picture day?
15. What flavor were the birthday cupcakes?
16. Why did your school have an earthquake drill (or other drill)?
17. How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day (or other holiday)?

Of course some days you’ll ask your child these questions and they’ll still shrug and say, “I don’t know.” 

Andddddd the best tactic so far to get your kid to open up?

18. Be quiet. Wait for your kids to bring up things that happened at school.

The most important part? Listen without judgment. Watch your reactions so your kids feel like they can tell you anything. Make it easy for them to open up about their day and even admit mistakes and vulnerabilities.

Simply listen and be there for your child without jumping to conclusions or solving their problems.

What tactics do you use to get your kids to open up about school? Leave a comment!👇


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