9 Sneaky Questions to Ask Kids about School - Part 1

9 Sneaky Questions to Ask Kids about School - Part 1

Does your child often have the same response to the following question, “How was school?” like every day the answer is “Good.” And not a single change from one day to the next.

Perhaps some sneaky mom tactics can help open up the dialogue between you and your little one(s). In part 1 try these social and best/worst questions.

Social questions (to learn about their friendships)
Ever wonder who your kids hang out with? Or maybe you’re curious if they’re socializing all right with other kids. These specific questions can help you discover the answers to those questions.

1. Where in school do you hang out the most?
2. Who did you talk to today? or Who did you help today?
3. Who did you play with at recess?
4. Who do you sit next to in class?
5. What’s a nice thing you said to someone today? or What’s a nice thing someone said to you today?

Best or worst questions

Kids love rating things as the best or worst, giving them the excuse to rave or vent.

6. What do you like to do most at recess?
7. What’s your favorite part of school? or What’s your least favorite part of school?

8.What’s the best thing that happened to you at school today? or What’s the worst thing that happened to you at school today?
9. What did you like best about your lunch?

Do you ask your kids any of these question about school? Which ones are more effective for you? Leave a comment below👇


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