8 Ways To Be a Fully Present Parent

How to be a fully present parent: 8 Ways To Do It

Here are some ways to be a fully present parent, that you can start to implement into your day to day learn starting now:

1. Turn technology off

Let’s face it technology has taken over a big part of our everyday lives and it sometimes can seem that we can’t function without it. If you limit your technology usage and your children too, it will hep tremendously on your journey to being a more present parent. You can turn off your lap top, tablet and have your cell phone on silent for a couple of minutes. Take this time to focus on your child’s needs and bond with them. Show them that you are there.

2. Set time aside

If you’re busy cooking, blogging or just simply doing house chores that seems never ending. Simply set a timer for whatever minutes you can and will spare to spend time with your child. The other day all three of my kids wanted me to play with them individually, so I told them that I will give each of them 10 minutes. It worked so well, because they knew what to expect and I also had my complete attention to each of them when it was their turn.

3. Listen and ask questions

Kids love to talk and tell stories. Sometimes we may rush them or not really listen to them. How bout you stop whatever you’re doing (if it can wait) and listen. Listen to what your child is saying and ask them questions. Have a decent fun and real conversation with your child. Let him/her know that you care about what they have to say.

If you can’t listen to their stories at that very moment, ask them to give you 10 minutes and then you are all ears.

4. Be playful

You are a parent, you are the authority but that doesn’t mean you can’t be silly or have fun with your kids. Let loose and just be in the moment, you’ll be surprised of how much fun you will actually have. Also, it can help you release some stress that you may be feeling and you will definitely  be a happier mom.

You can have a family game night every week where your family turns off the technology, orders food and play games!

5. Plan ahead

Being present takes work. And sometimes, frankly, none of us want more work to do. I get that. But, the reward is always worth the work. In fact, I’d argue that parenting is easier when we plan ahead and make more intentional memories rather than just letting chaos unfold.

6. Slow down

There is so much to enjoy in life when you are a child. Digging for worms. Running around playing spy. Putting on a show. Hitting the ball around. Shooting hoops in the driveway with dad. But if your schedule doesn’t allow for those spaces of time to do those things, you’ll just be another frantic family.

7. Embrace the moment

Yes, there are dishes on the counter with food all over them. Yes, there are errands to run. But this day is your one chance because who knows what tomorrow will bring. Embrace this moment that you have together. Seize it and enjoy it.

8. Let them be children

Put away your adult agenda and let your children be children. Let them make a mess. Let them live a full life.

As parents, you are hoping to foster a great sense of self-esteem in your children. You want your little ones to be responsible, happy, wholesome members of society. However, when most of your time is spent with your heads buried in your laptop or smartphone, it undervalues your children. As you know, one day they will be grown and leave the nest and you'll be wishing for more time with them. Save yourself the heartache and become a more fully present parent now. When it counts.

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