6 Immune Boosting Vitamins For Kids

6 Immune Boosting Vitamins For Kids

With the new school starting, and your child being around some many kids, sickness is sure to follow. Check out our list of 6 ways to helps boost your kids immune system:

1. Immune boosting Vitamin C

Yes, we’ve all been told about vitamin C being good for us but do you know how much you should be taking?

Most of us and our children aren’t taking enough vitamin C a day to help protect us and keep us healthy! Most children’s multi vitamins do not provide enough of vitamin C . The best source of vitamin C is from fruits and vegetables but if you have picky children, then you’ll want to get a great vitamin C supplement.

2.  Probiotics

If you didn’t know already, probiotics help keep you healthy and kills the bad bacteria in your gut. Every illness begins in your gut so this is so important take to stay healthy. It especially protects your kids from stomach bugs which we all know are the worst type of illnesses for both kids and adults!

There are so many different probiotics to choose from and some can get very expensive so I understand if it’s not a purchase you can always make. 

3. Vitamin D3

Years ago children literally played outside all day long. However, these days our schedules might keep us indoors more days than we want. This could be due to the fact that they cooped up in classrooms with other coughing and sneezing kids.

The sun can be the best source of vitamin D we can get! It can cure so many ailments and is needed to stay healthy year round. Taking a daily supplement of vitamin D3 isn’t as good as the sun but will help keep your child healthy and keep them protected from germs surrounding them. Some children can be deficient in vitamin D and your doctor can easily do a blood test to check his/her levels.

4. Omega 3’s

Omega 3’s have so many benefits and keeps kids healthy and helps with their concentration as well. Find a brand that can be added to their juice so they will take it easily. Please read up on all the benefits of omega 3's, you will be surprised.

5. A Good Multivitamin

If you are having trouble getting your kids to take some of the vitamins above or they aren’t eating healthy enough, then you’ll want to look into a great multi-vitamin.

6. Epsom Salt

Adding epsom salt or magnesium flakes to your child’s bath time routine is an excellent way to add magnesium to their body and them get rid of any toxins in their bodies!

Adding 1/2 cup of epsom salt to their bath is not only great for them but it also helps them sleep better!

How are some ways you keep your child's immune system boosted? Leave a comment below!👇


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