4 Must Watch TED Talks For Parents

4 Must Watch TED Talks For Parents

TED Talks are pretty amazing – and once you start watching them, they can become quite obsessive. Which isn’t a bad thing considering there are so many talks on seriously interesting topics that can keep you entertained for days. One of my favourite topics to watch are TED Talks for parents, because this parenting gig is pretty darn difficult and it’s nice to know we aren’t alone.

1. Jennifer Senior: For Parents, Happiness Is A Very High Bar

Parenting + Anxiety is something many of us know all too well. There’s no manual on how to raise children properly, so the idea of raising children to a standard that isn’t actually determined is pretty darn stressful. This talk is like a big hug of ‘you’re doing okay mama’. Love it.

 2. Rita Pierson: Every Kid Needs A Champion

A brilliant insight into the importance of connections and relationships between children and their educators. “Kids don’t learn from people they don’t like.” The role of teachers in our children’s lives is so powerful. Having a teacher who believes in our children, who doesn’t just dismiss them and push them to the side, can be life-changing.

3. Adira Svitak – What Adults Can Learn From Kids

I absolutely adore this TED Talk, and not just because it’s being presented by a 12 year old. Adora challenges learning to be a two way street, where children learn from adults and adults learn from children. She talks about how children don’t see obstacles like adults do and therefore their scope of possibilities is much wider. A great reminder for us when we keep saying ‘you can’t do that’ to our kids (I know I do…).

4. Jamie Oliver: Teach Every Child About Food

I love Jamie’s passion for teaching kids about real food and as an extension, getting real food into schools all around the world. Such an important message for our kids.


9 Must Watch TED Talks For Parents By Krystal Kleidon



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