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7 Homework Hacks to Help You Win at Parenting

Homework has a bit of a bad rep. What kid wants to do it? Motivating your children to do their homework is no easy task, and it can often be a struggle. Here are 7 useful hacks to help you:

1. Make it easy to reach homework supplies with a supply turntable.

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2. Design a homework station

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3. Use watching a favorite show as an incentive to do homework.

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4. Create a lollipop tree for when kids complete an assignment.

Candy, Sweet, Stick, Lollipop

5. Create a sticker reward system for finishing homework.

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6. Tie homework to allowance for older kids.

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7. Tie homework to household privileges like video games.

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What do you do to incentivize your kids to do their homework? Leave a comment!



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