Weird Things Newborns Do

Weird Things Newborns Do: Top 8 Things

Newborn babies are just so freaking adorable, aren't they? They're just so delicate and pure, yet at the same they’re quite the mysterious creature. They’re like this foreign little being with all these little weird things about them. So, we complied a list of the top 8 things newborns do that seem strange but are actually ordinary.

1. Constant Sneezing and Hiccups
Newborn do this because they are still getting used to the minuscule particles in our air that enter their nasal passages now that they're out of the womb, so it’s natural for them to have sneezing spells. While it’s still not completely clear why babies hiccup often, it is thought that it could be from your babies’s incapability to swallow and breathe in a normal pattern.

2. Cross-Eyed
There’s nothing to worry about if your baby looks cross-eyed. They are still uncoordinated and adjusting to how to move their body. They will naturally get in the habit of using those muscles and moving their body in a more fluid motion.

However, if your baby is still experiencing crossed or wandering eyes by the 6-month timeframe, you should make an appointment to see if something else is the reason why. It could be that they have what is called a lazy or sleepy eye.

3. Touching Their Private Area
Chill out, it’s absolutely normal. All babies explore things as all things are new for them, and some of those things will include themselves. So, at some point, they will encounter their genitals. Usually while you’re giving them a bath or changing their diaper. Realize that they don’t know what they are doing, but when they become old enough simply explain to them that it’s not something they should in public.

4. Blood in the diaper
If you have a baby girl, they usually have ‘mini-periods’ as a side-effect of being exposed to their mother’s hormones. Also, a harsh bowel movement can cause some scratches or cuts, therefore causing a little blood but not to worry it should fade quickly. However, if you’re mind is completely filled with worry, go ahead and call your health care provider for reassurance.

5. Cradle Cap
Cradle cap is a common baby rash with a yellowish color that’s either greasy, scaly or flaky, and usually sits on top of the baby’s scalp. According to most experts, it affects up to 70 percent of babies and normally takes place about 3 weeks of age. On the bright side, this dryness typically disappears in the first few months. However, until it naturally fades away you can apply a bit of baby oil to the affected area a few times a week.

6. Jerking Movements
It’s nothing to be worried about. Your baby’s nervous system is still undeveloped and they aren’t able to control movements, especially if they feel a cold draft. If your baby feels cold, just cover them. Additionally, babies tend to startle themselves awake. To help with this you can swaddle them to allow the baby to sleep more soundly. However, if you notice that they are quivering more than usual and this is associated with crying then you should contact your health care provider.

7. Swollen Genitals and Baby Boobs
It’s completely natural for your baby to have a bit of puffiness in the breast and genitalia area. This is caused by the pregnancy hormones that your baby is exposed to that trigger the development of breast tissue and the swollenness of the private parts. Usually once the hormones wear off, the puffiness will fade away as well. However, if the swelling doesn’t disappear or lessen within a few days after birth, contact your doctor.

8. Explosive liquid poop
Newborns simply drink milk; therefore, their poop is generally liquid with a bit of a seed-like texture with colors ranging from yellow to brown to green. Hence the liquidness, it doesn’t take much power for a baby to propel poop across a room. And since you’re the lovely parent of this explosive poop baby, you have to deal with it being sprayed all over the lovely painted nursery wall.

Oh the joys! Ha! These are just some of the strange things babies do. What’s something strange your baby has done not listed here? Let us know! Drop a comment below.👇👇👇

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