Survive First Week With A Newborn

Survive First Week With A Newborn: 6 Tips

Whether your a first time mom or a fourth time mom, to survive first week with a newborn can be a hectic week. Here are 6 tips to help make your first week a smooth transition:

1. Organize and plan ahead

  • Have a notepad and pen handy: Jot down things you need to do for the next day, make your grocery list, or plan your meals.
  • If you have a doctor’s appointment, set the clothes and pack the diaper bag the night before to make leaving the house easier.
  • Keep the nursing pillow, burp cloth, diapers and wipes, etc. nearby so when the baby wakes up, everything will be right there waiting for you and you won’t have to think about it. 

2. Have a routine

  • Going by the clock, like eat at 5 am, sleep at 6 am, etc. won’t work obviously. However, establish doing the same things in the same order. For example, playtime, followed by a nap, followed by feeding. This type of cycle will help you think easily and gives your baby an everyday habit.
  • Night time routine, the sooner you have one the better. It can be giving your baby a sponge bath, then listening to soothing music, followed by a feeding right before bed. This is preparing your little one for night time sleep and aiding in them sleeping through the night quicker.
  • Unexpected things happen, of course, but repeating the same steps in the morning and at night will make your life easier with a newborn baby.

3. Sleep when the baby sleeps

  • As best as you can, sleep when the baby does. Whether it’s 20 minutes here or 30 minutes there, it will help. 
  • Have you partner or loved one help out and watch the baby while you rest. The more help for you, the better.
  • While you loved ones are watching the baby, take a light scroll around your neighbor, or get some fresh air, whatever you need to do to recharge your batteries.

4. Entertainment

  • Watching your favorite TV show, or binge watching the new series on Netflix can actually help you keep your sanity and relax a bit. You can do this while the baby is nursing or while you’re soothing your baby.
  • Use your smart phone to check social media, emails, or check out your favorite YouTuber. This can be a real benefit to you, especially for those middle of the night feeding periods.

5. Help from family and friends

  • Outside help can be an absolute life saver, especially if you have older kids to take care of. As an example, have friends or family bring lunch or dinner to you a few times a week. Have a friend come by and clean the dishes, or do the laundry, just to lend a helping hand. This is want friends are for, use them!
  • Also, they can watch the baby while you shower, take a nap, or prepare a meal for the family. Though you are superwoman, a little extra support and team work can’t hurt.

6. Recover yourself

  • Eat healthy food, drink lots of water, and don’t worry about the housework. It’ll get done eventually, life will go on if the floor is dirty or if there are dirty dishes. If dirty dishes bother you that much, buy disposable plates and utensils. 
  • Make sure you are comfortable, recovering after the birth of a baby can be quite painful so keep those pillows handy. Use a doughnut pillow to ease pressure on your tailbone. 
  • Have some healthy snack nearby, Cliff bars, Lara bars, etc. can be a quick burst of energy to help you through the day.

Last but certainly not least, enjoy every moment you can with your newborn as it goes by in the blink of an eye.

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