The Best Apps For Kids That Don’t Require Wifi

The Best Apps For Kids That Don’t Require Wifi

Ever been on a road trip and your kids keep saying "Are we there yet?" We have a few tools to help you whether you are on a long trip or have some down time in the house. 

1. YouTube Red [Free trial, then $7.99/mo]. This is a great app that allows you to download youtube content to your phone.

Netflix App [FREE – need a paid account to log in]. If you already have a netflix account, this is a really great app to have for traveling. You can download episodes straight to your phone so you can watch them without streaming.

Stack the States [$2.99] It has trivia about the states, and when you get the correct answer, the state falls down onto a platform and you try to stack them up to reach a designated line. Some of the states are not very easy to balance and your stack comes crashing down. 

Tozzle [$2.99]. This a great drag and drop puzzle game for toddlers and little kids. I also love that it automatically has a parental lock.

Tozzle Words [$1.99]. This is a great one for kids learning to spell. It has the same drag and drop system as Tozzle. However, it doesn’t seem to have any kind of direction that tells you what you’re supposed to do. It gives you a few clues here and there of where you’re supposed to click, but I had a hard time getting the train to go where it was supposed to, and the animals to do what they were supposed to. But it’s still educational and fun.

Quick Math Jr. [FREE] This one is fun for early learners. Simple math and counting, and you earn pieces to build your own monster.

Sudoku [FREE] Who doesn't love Sudoku?

Duck Duck Moose TRUCKS [FREE]  It’s very basic, but you can tap the different trucks and make them splash in the mud and then go through the car wash, pick up the garbage and recycling, or scoop up and dump dirt with a dump truck and digger. 

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The Best Apps For Kids That Don’t Require Wifi

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